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What Is It?

Meals with Mentors is a brand new service that can match mentees and mentors. A mentee simply takes a mentor out
for a meal, and in return, he or she gets an hour of free advice on topics ranging from gardening to filmmaking to marketing.


How It Works

1. Mentees browse through our list of mentors and find one that matches their interest.
2. Mentees invite mentors out for a meal based on the mentor’s restaurant and time preferences.
3. Mentors view the mentee’s profile and approves or rejects.  (Mentor’s can also limit the number of invites they receive in
    a given month.)
4. If approved, the mentee treats the mentor to lunch in exchange for a free hour of wisdom.  It’s that easy.

A traditional consultant can cost $300/hr. This is only about $20 for the meal - not a bad deal. After the meal, the two parties
can decide whether they’d like to continue the mentoring relationship.


Why Meals for Mentors?

On the One Hand...

At some point in our lives, we need guidance and advice. This can range from career goals to life issues to simply performing
a mundane household task. To get answers, some of us go to the Internet, the library or the local book store, but this can be
time consuming and often difficult to get the exact answer we’re looking for. We can also go to friends and family members,
but often times, these people don’t have the expertise we need.

On the Other Hand...

There are people out there with a wealth of information they’ve accumulated over the years in a field of expertise. This can be
someone who knows how to set up an Internet company, plant a vegetable garden or even go through a difficult divorce. In fact,
if we sat down and thought about, we can all probably think of at least 5 things that we can mentor people in. While we may not
be professional teachers, as human beings, we all have an innate desire to give back to the community and relate to others what
we’ve learned.



The Bridge

At Meals with Mentors, we help to bridge the two hands by setting up those seeking the wisdom with those wanting to give it. There’s simply nothing that can replace a live, in person, one on one conversation, when it comes to gaining knowledge and taking action.  No longer a far away idea in a book, the Internet or TV show, it becomes a face to face reality sitting across from you at the table.  There is no better motivator than that when it comes to achieving your goals.

So how does one find these people willing to impart their knowledge? Well, there is an old adage that says if you want guidance, “invite a mentor to lunch”. But until now, there’s not really been efficient way to do that.  Most people would be a little reluctant to contact a random person they’ve  never met and ask them out for a meal, especially when they don’t know if the person will be receptive to it.

With Meals with Mentors, that’s all changed. Every mentor listed on this website enjoys providing their expertise and is receptive to being taken out for a meal. So the process of obtaining the guidance and information one needs is now as easy as ever.

We hope this bridge we created will be an additional way that people can learn, grow and build relationships. We envision a world where anyone who wants to accomplish anything at all can now get started with ease through a network of supporters. Our dream is that through this site, people will start companies, manage their finances better, become rap stars, build an additional room to their house, manage the grief of a loved one or really do anything at all. We thank you for joining us on this special journey.

Note: If you're an investor, and you believe in the power of mentorship, please email, and we can send you more information about our business model. We are open to investors at this time.


Cofounder - Evan Aaronson

Evan Aaronson has a wide range of experience in entertainment, online media and streamlined entrepreneurial ventures. He's known for spotting trends before they hit the mainstream.

After attending UC Berkeley and graduating from NYU Film School, Evan Aaronson quickly became one of the pioneers in the fields of online video, music DVD documentaries, independent film and reality TV. But there was one thing he was lacking - a mentor. He became bankrupt and almost homeless in his 20s because he said he didn’t have someone to give him proper guidance. “I had a lot of ambition, and I would exhaust a ton of energy and time trying to produce results with various creative projects (movies, websites, etc.), only to later learn that they could have been accomplished cheaper, faster and probably better if I had someone to guide me. That's why I created this site - so that others will not have to go through what I did. There's no need to re-invent the wheel anymore. Through Meals with Mentors, a person can invent the wheel once and then share it." 

In addition to his role at Meals with Mentors, Aaronson also blogs and interviews entrepreneurs for where the focus is on "demystifying small business." For his various projects, he has been featured on,, the Virgin Megastore website, Variety, Citypaper (Baltimore), San Francisco Weekly, Chicago Tribune, DVD Premieres, Channel 9, Outside Magazine, Massage Magazine, Day Spa Magazine,, Daily Candy, City Confidant (Seattle), Idea Mensch, Socaltech and Tasty Trade. He's also an avid public speaker and has taught workshops (or participated in panels) at UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Tavis Smiley's Building Inroads to Technology, The Video Software Dealer's Association, the Silicon Beach Festival and many others.  In his spare time, he writes music and at one point, he actually had a rap song on a compilation record with Christina Aguilera.  For a full bio, please visit

Cofounder - Lillian Aaronson

Lillian was a certified public accountant and then became a registered nurse at UCLA. She considers her mother (also a nurse), and her father (a doctor) as career mentors.



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