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Ray Charles mentors Quincy Jones in music industry. Become a professional musician.
Who are mentors?

Mentors are defined as trusted counselors or teachers.
They provide expertise and wisdom to less experienced
individuals to help them advance their careers, enhance
their education, build their networks or help them with life
issues. But no long term committment is required to make 
a difference. Just one meeting (or meal) is all it takes.



FILMMAKING:   Roger Corman mentored Francis Ford Coppola, Martin
Scorsese and Ron Howard.
ACTING: Laurence Olivier mentored Anthony Hopkins, and Martin
Landau mentored Jack Nicholson.
MUSIC: Dr. Dre mentored Eminem.
POLITICS: Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great.
BUSINESS: Freddie Laker mentored Richard Branson.

Join our prestigous list of doctors, lawyers, Emmy nominated producers, artists,
architects and more. It only takes 5 minutes to get started at the top of this page. 


Last Name Only Displayed to Registered Mentees.


-Everyone eats, even busy people like you.
-Time - lunch limits the meeting to about an hour.
-Safety - a lunch setting is public and safe.
-You're going to have lunch anyway. Why not make it productive?
-Distractions - a meal setting removes both the mentor and the mentee from work distractions.

    Why pay for lunch? Simply list yourself on our site, and mentees seeking your expertise will treat you. The process is easy. Both you and the mentee fill out a brief profile. The mentee then searches for mentors who fit his/her interest. If they find you, they simply click on the button which says SCHEDULE A MEAL. You then read their profile, approve them or not, and schedule the appointment at the date, time and restaurant of your choice.

    There's no long term committment with the mentee. You can meet with them once or have an ongoing relationship. It's up to you. And anyone can be a mentor as long as you have expertise you'd like to share with others. You can also: 

    1) limit your mentees by university or association affiliation 
    2) require that you know someone in common
    3) limit the number of emails you receive every month
    4) delete your profile at anytime.

    You are never obligated to have any meals if you don't approve of the mentees who contact you, and your last name does not appear to the public - only to registered mentees. Need help getting listed? Call us at 818-538-4011 or email us and we'll do it for you, or sign up on the upper right side of this page.

    Besides the good karma and the free lunch, there are many additional benefits to offering help.

    • Mentoring provides an opportunity to affect the future; you transmit a part of yourself to each person you mentor -- your ideals, ethics, and professionalism. This legacy continues on long after you retire.
    • You’ll have satisfaction in knowing you had an impact on someone’s professional and personal development.
    • You’ll get a fresh perspective from your mentee.
    • You can recruit mentees to be interns or employees and increase productivity.
    • You’ll help develop your professional network.
    • You’ll receive recognition from peers and superiors as you’ll officially be a member in the Meals with Mentors Program.
    • You can gain positive exposure for your company or brand.
    • In some cases, the mentees can even become potential consulting clients in the future.

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