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Is there any fee to be a mentor or mentee?

Since this site is still in beta, there is currently no fee for either party. The mentee just needs to pay for the mentor's lunch.


Is there any contract or time commitment?

No. You can cancel your account whenever you want. If you're a mentor, you can choose to meet with the mentee just one time
for lunch, or you can turn it into an ongoing relationship. It's up to you.


Can I be both a mentor in one area and a mentee in another?

Absolutely, and in fact, we encourage this. Someone might be a mentor in online marketing and be a mentee in the field of
interior design.


Can my profile be viewed by anyone?

A mentee’s profile is only viewable by the mentors they invite to a meal. A mentor’s profile is viewable by mentees who are
logged in. If someone is not logged in, then the mentor’s full name is not displayed, and the invite button is not activated.


How do you pre-screen your mentors and mentees?

Mentors and mentees each fill out their own profiles with information about themselves. It is then up to the user viewing
the profile to examine it thoroughly and determine if that mentor or mentee is a good fit.

While the Meals with Mentors staff does indeed monitor the profiles that are created, we do not officially pre-screen them.
The staff will, however, investigate or decide to terminate the member’s account if we receive negative feedback from
another user, notice an issue with a profile, or discover that a member is not abiding to the terms of use.


Do I need to prepare anything before the meal?

Mentees should bring a list of questions of the things they'd like to learn from the mentor. Don't expect the mentor to
prepare for the conversation. Mentees are the one seeking the knowledge, so they need to initiate the questions. The
mentor does not have to prepare anything.


How long are the meals?

The mentor determines the length of the meals, and the duration time should be pre-determined before the date and
time is set. We recommend 1 hour, but it can range from a 30 minute coffee to a 2 hour meal depending on the mentor’s
schedule. If it’s going over the allotted time, either the mentor or mentee should try to wrap it up.


What happens after the initial meal?

After the meal is over, the mentor can choose to:
-Bid the mentee farewell, having only offered their mentorship as a one time courtesy.
-Offer email and/or phone advice as needed.
-Continue with one on one meetings with the mentee on an agreed to basis – monthly, weekly, etc.
-Convert their one time mentor meal into consulting services to be charged at an agreed upon rate. (Please note that the majority of
the meal should be geared toward giving wisdom and advice to the mentee. As the meal is winding down, a mentor is free to bring up
the subject of future consulting services.)


What if I have to cancel an appointment?

While this is not encouraged, as long as you give 24 hours notice, this is usually not a problem. Simply click on the
CANCEL APPT link in the MEAL APPTS section of your account, and a direct message will be sent to the other party.
If this notice is not given, then we may opt to suspend the membership.


What if I want to reschedule my appointment?

Mentees are not allowed to reschedule appointments. Once they make the initial appointment times, it must be kept
or they will lose the appointment with that particular mentor, and they cannot contact that mentor again.

Mentors can reschedule by contacting the mentee through the MEAL APPTS secton in their account, but
they must give 24 hours. If this notice is not given on a regular basis, then we may opt to suspend the membership.


What happens if the mentor or mentee agreed to a meal, and they didn’t show up?

While there is a 15 minute grace period for arrival, if they do not arrive after that time, it’s considered a NO SHOW which
is against our policies. If this happens, please let the Meals with Mentors staff know about it by contacting us. (You can
also provide feedback through the email you’ll receive after the meal is over.) More than 1 NO SHOW usually results in a
membership being suspended.



What if I can’t find a mentor who fits my search criteria?

Our list of mentors is updated on a daily basis as new mentors sign up to our service. You can wait a week and try
again, or you can call us at 818-538-4011, and we can manually find a mentor for you.  This is called CONCIERGE
SERVICE.  In the future, our weekly automated emails will notify you when someone matches your criteria.


I invited a mentor to a meal, and they never got back to me.

Mentors are suppose to get back to you within 5 days to let you know if they accept or reject your invitation. If you do
not hear back from them within this amount of time, it usually means that they either have not had a chance to read
your profile or they did not think it was a good fit. The invitation does stay active for 60 days though, and then it officially
expires. If they''re not getting back to you, please email, and we'll give them a little


I’m 65 years old. Can I still be a mentee?

Absolutely. There are no age restrictions on mentees (except that if you’re under 18, you must be accompanied by an
adult 25 years or older.) Many seniors need help with computer related or smart phone tasks, and Generation Y can
offer their mentorship in this area as well as others.


Can I have a meal with a mentor outside of my area?

Right now, our searches only go 50 miles – the amount of miles we think most people are willing to drive to treat a mentor
to a meal, however, if you’d like to widen your search, you can always use a different zip code.


I only have a few questions for a mentor. Can I just talk to the mentor over the phone or email them? Do I have
to take them to lunch?

At Meals with Mentors, we believe in the value of face to face contact. There are other services where you can email
experts questions for a fee, but nothing can replace a real live conversation. This is the way relationships are built, and
this is also how the mentor is compensated for his time.


If I'm just looking for a job, can I contact a mentor about potential employment?

You are free to contact mentors, but keep in mind the purpose of this service - to receive advice or knowledge about a
particular expertise. If the mentor has given you his business card after the meal, we suggest writing a thank you
email, and perhaps in that email, mention that you'd be interested in working for him/her as the need arises. Do not spend
the mealtime trying to sell the mentor on yourself. This is against our policies.




Why be a mentor? What's in it for me?

Besides the good karma, giving back to the community and getting a free lunch, there are many additional benefits to offering
help depending on your individual needs.

-Provides an opportunity to affect the future; you transmit a part of yourself to each person you mentor -- your ideals, ethics,
and professionalism. This legacy continues on long after you retire.
-Helps develop your professional network.
-Gain positive exposure for your brand or business.
-Receive recognition from peers.
-Gain positive exposure for your brand or business.
-Meet possible interns or employees.
-In some cases, the mentees can even become potential consulting clients.


I’m only 22 years old. Can I still be a mentor?

Absolutely. As long as you have expertise in a particular field, and you have a desire to help others, anyone 18 years or older
can be a mentor.


If I sign up as a mentor, what is my time commitment?

You can actually choose how much time you’re willing to devote.  It can be just one lunch, or it can be an ongoing relationship.
It's up to you. You can also choose certain criteria in your profile. 

a. How many mentees can contact you per month.
b. Whether you’re only willing to meet with fellow alum.
c. Whether you’re only willing to meet with fellow members of an organization.
d. Whether you and the mentee must know someone in common.

In your profile, you also choose, how much advanced notice you need, the best time for your meals, and your favorite
nearby restaurants. And remember, you always view the mentee's profile before agreeing to the meal, and you're not 
obligated to agree to any meal at all.


Have additional questions? Simply contact us, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.



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